One of the biggest mindset shifts that I had to make when I moved from offering $1000 coaching services to $5000+ packages was wondering if I was ready to charge that much. I kept asking myself, “Who would invest that much in me?”

And I didn’t realize just how disempowering those statements made me feel until I took a good look at the words I was saying.

Shift 1: Stop Making It About You => Make It About Your Client

Instead, I needed to shift those words to make it more about the client I was serving. And I started to ask, “Do I believe that I can help this person?” Instead of…

There’s an old marketing saying that goes like this… “If you talk to everyone, you talk to no one.” It can be tempting to stay broad with your message so you don’t limit anyone from working with you.

The truth is lukewarm messaging produces lukewarm results. The most common signs you get to refine your message:

  • You feel like you’re coming off too salesy when you talk to potential clients about how you can help them.
  • You are super unclear and have difficulty figuring out what to share on social media or your email list.
  • You aren’t attracting the right…

Storytelling is a skill you will want to master on your way to becoming a 7-figure coach. As you progress in business, you’ll find that you need to tell stories everywhere… in emails, on social posts, during live streams, and even when you host live workshops or events.

A sign of a great story is that it evokes feelings and connects with the audience. When telling a story for your audience, you want to make sure you always tie it back to them, and you leave out unnecessary details.

A good story can take your potential client from passive to…

Summertime is typically filled with holidays, beach trips, kids home from school, and even travel. Especially after last year, where many of us skipped travel and stayed home, it feels extra easy to get caught up in everything but work this season! If you’re feeling distracted from building your business, then it’s time to reset!

I’ve got 5 easy to follow steps that you can follow any time you want to reset your mind and heart so you can keep growing your business over the next 90 days. The best part — this can take 90 minutes or less to…

4 Ways to Bring FUN, Joy, and Peace into Your Work Days

It’s usually easier to wake up to catch a flight for vacation than it is to wake up for work. This is because your brain is operating in the energy of excitement when it thinks about the vacation.

How would your life be impacted if you could create mini-vacation energy every day, even at work?

My family went on vacation a few months ago to Hawaii, and we had the best time! …

There was a time in my life when I was accommodating. I wanted to be everything to everyone, and this attitude spilled over into my business too. I wanted to be successful, and I thought I needed to shape myself and my business into what potential clients wanted or needed to make that happen.

This approach served me in the beginning, but it wasn’t successful long term. I was left feeling unfulfilled and stressed out, AND the people I was attracting weren’t the best fit.

Fast forward to today. My business has generated 7-figures in sales for a few years…

It’s Never too Early to Lay the Groundwork for Your Future Success.

Do you have a million dollar dream? Are you IN this entrepreneur journey for the long haul?

Depending on where you are in your current business, a million-dollar year might sound unattainable. Just know, my first 7-figure sales year happened in 2018, and the year prior I had made only about 30% as much revenue. A LOT can change in a year.

I’m often asked how I made the leap to 7-figures, and today I’m going to tell you! Whether you’re trying to break through 6-figures, 7-figures, or…

Early on in my business, I wanted to get out of corporate and into full-time entrepreneurship. As a result, I conformed my business and services to whatever the client wanted. As cringey as it sounds, I was desperate to pay the bills.

Looking back, so much of my approach was all about me. It was about me making the career change I wanted. Me being able to cover my needs. Me, me, me.

A shift happened when I started to focus on serving others, rather than on myself. I began to stand firm on the value of what I offer…

3 Simple & Powerful Steps to Sign Your Next Client

When my dear former client (and now Coach in my Powerhouse Mastermind program) Val came to me, she was not feeling confident about launching her business. One of the main reasons was FEAR.

See, she has invested a lot of time, money, and effort into another type of business a year prior, but she never launched it. And because of this experience, her confidence was low.

I’m sure you may have heard this before, but fear is False Evidence Appearing Real… meaning Val was letting her past experience dictate who she was and what she was capable of, and a…

As humans, we don’t love feeling rejected. In fact, we tend to actively avoid it. It’s in our nature, and avoidance of rejection can cause so many challenges when it comes to selling your high ticket services!

If rejection does come, then it’s easy to take it personally and allow a conversation to influence our mood or ego, and start writing a narrative in your head that maybe “I’m not cut out for this.”

Let me just get one thing out of the way right now…

Sales and enrollment calls are necessary, and they will not always be YES.


Amy Yamada

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